Parts of a Newspaper: Advertisements

Ads can tell us a lot about what is happening in a community during a particular time. Think about the ad you see in papers today – there are advertisements for goods, businesses, and services offered to name a few. So what can these tell us?

On This Day In History: July 18

“Those who do not care for the natural beauties of the country may reasonably remain passive over the destruction of the forests, though people who have cast their lot here must certainly be alive not only to the destruction of timber but to the commercial value of strikingly beautiful scenery.” [cont.]

On This Day In History: July 12

An interview with Mr. Hunter, mine foreman of the old Treadwell and Three Hundred mills explains mine operations and how the excavation site the “Glory Hole” got its name in an 1899 interview published in the July 12, 1899 issue of Douglas Island News.    Left: July 12, 1899 Douglas Island News article; Right: TheContinue reading “On This Day In History: July 12”

What is the National Digital Newspaper Program?

Part I
There are two main principles behind the National Digital Newspaper Program which are also cornerstones of library and archival science, ACCESS and PRESERVATION.

Opening Statement: Alaska Daily Empire

“The Empire desires to bear a modest part in the upbuilding of Alaska and in the betterment of the conditions which environ its people. It will always be found to have the courage of its convictions on all matters of public moment. Patriotism and civic pride, harmony and unity of purpose are prime essentials in the upbuilding of country or community. For all these The Empire will consistently labor.”