Featured Content: 2016 Newspaper Title Selection

We are pleased to announce the titles selected for the 2016 NDNP grant cycle for the State of Alaska!

  1. The Alaska daily empire (Juneau, Alaska). 1912-1922.
  2. Douglas Island news (Douglas City, Alaska). 1898-1921.
  3. The Thlinget (Sitka, Alaska). 1908-1912.
  4. The daily Alaskan (Skagway, Alaska). 1898-1922.
  5. The Nome nugget (Nome, Alaska). 1901-1922.
  6. The Alaska prospector (Valdez, Alaska). 1902-1918.
  7. The Iditarod pioneer (Iditarod, Alaska). 1910-1919.
  8. The Cordova daily times (Cordova, Alaska). 1914-1922.
  9. The Seward gateway (Seward, Alaska). 1904-1922.
  10. The Alaska citizen (Fairbanks, Alaska). 1910-1920.

* titles listed include title changes within the same paper


For more information on selection guidelines please visit the Library of Congress’s Content Selection guide for the National Digital Newspaper Program.


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