Opening Statement: Alaska Daily Empire

The Opening Statement series features the foreword or introduction given by  editors or publishers in the first issue of the paper addressing its readers. 

Alaska Daily Empire


Alaska Daily Empire, November 2, 1912, Vol. 1, No. 1

Publisher: J.F.A. Strong


With this, the first issue of the Alaska Daily Empire, a few lines as to its purpose may not be altogether inappropriate. In the first place every effort will be made to make it a newspaper for Alaskans and those who wish to learn of Alaska, its resources and its people, wherever they may be located.

Politically it will be strictly independent, reserving the right to honestly commend or fairly criticize any political party that may be in control of the federal or territorial administrations. The people of Alaska ask for and expect a square deal from the Congress and government of the United States. We believe they have seldom received it, but in the coming years conditions may change, and wrongs inflicted be redressed, with a more intimate and comprehensive knowledge of this territory and its needs, on the part of our national lawmakers.

Notwithstanding the many disabilities under which Alaska has labored for years past, partly due to politics and particularly due to ignorance, misinformation and misdirected zeal, on the part of the national school of ultra-conservationists, the growth and development of this great commonwealth—the last of the continental territories—has been greatly retarded, if not absolutely prohibited in important sections. A change of policy by the federal administration we believe to be indispensable to the end that the people of Alaska may be permitted to enjoy the fruits of their labors in developing its great latent natural resources. The land is the people’s and the fullness thereof; the treasures of the sea should be for the benefit of all, not a few.

The Empire received its name because of the fact that Alaska is an empire within itself, and as such this territory is fairly entitled to imperial treatment at the hands of the federal government.

In the development of Alaska’s magnificient natural resources there should be unanimity of purpose. There should be no room for sectional strife; factional differences produce nothing but a crop of dragon’s teeth.

This newspaper has been started as a legitimate business enterprise. Its proprietor has been closely identified with the territory for many years and in a small measure, at least, is acquainted with its history, the people of the various sections. Every honest effort, therefore, will be made to further every legitimate interest, and give the fullest publicity to the progress being made in the development of its resources.

Southeastern Alaska is especially rich in minerals, in fish and lumber. It is believed that this section is on the eve of a wonderful development, which will result in a vast increase in its mineral output and a consequent large increase in its permanent population and substantial growth in its trade and commerce. The Empire desires to bear a modest part in the upbuilding of Alaska and in the betterment of the conditions which environ its people. It will always be found to have the courage of its convictions on all matters of public moment. Patriotism and civic pride, harmony and unity of purpose are prime essentials in the upbuilding of country or community. For all these The Empire will consistently labor.”

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