Opening Statements: Douglas Island News

The Opening Statement series features the foreword or introduction given by  editors or publishers in the first issue of the paper addressing its readers. 

Douglas Island News

Douglas Island News, November 23, 1898, Vol. 1, No. 1

Publisher: A.G. McBride, Charles A. Hopp


We take pleasure in herewith presenting to the people of Douglas City and Treadwell the initial number of the Douglas Island News, which we earnestly trust will meet with your expectations as an ideal local newspaper and merit a liberal support.

The live and prosperous towns of Douglas City and Treadwell are certainly entitled to one good, wide-awake newspaper, and it will be our desire to supply this adjunct, that is so necessary to the upbuilding of cities, and whether, or not, we succeed in our efforts, we leave for you to judge.

The columns of this paper, with only slight exceptions, will be devoted to the publication of local events and Alaska news, and there being no municipal organizations or elections, its pages will be for the present non-partisan.

Read our paper, observe its style and make-up, and, if it pleases you, give it such support as it is entitled to, and we will be satisfied.

Very respectfully,

A.G. McBride and

Chas. A. Hopp,

Editors and Publishers.”


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