On This Day In History: August 25

For those of us who don’t live in a year-round open season, fall bear season is almost upon us.  Today’s “On This Day In History” post serves as a reminder for all you hunters out there to stay safe and alert to avoid ending up like A.D. Burton during his hunting trip to Chickaloon Bay in 1906.

Article from the August 25, 1906 issue of the Seward Weekly Gateway.


Hunter Badly Used up but Life Saved Because Animal Fell Dead in Struggle

A. D. Burton was badly clawed and one of his arms was broken by a wounded she-bear into which he had put five shots, near Chickaloon bay last week.  The bear dropped dead a moment after she attacked him, and that fact alone saved his life.  He was brought to Sunrise for care.

Burton trailed the bear for a short distance and shot her.  She disappeared in the bushes and he thought she had gone.  He saw two cubs near by and started to capture them.  Unnoticed the wounded mother rushed upon him and was within a few feet before he saw her.  She struck him a violent blow with her paw, breaking one arm and knocking him down.  Another blow cut open his face and body, tearing his clothes into shreds; then the unfuriated beast fell dead across her enemy’s body.

Burton managed to make his way to the beach, where other men put him into a boat and took him to Sunrise.  Chickaloon bay, where the fight occurred, is a few miles below Hope, on Turnagain arm.”

Seward Weekly Gateway newspaper article titled Man Hurt By Wounded Bear
Man Hurt By Wounded Bear article, Seward Weekly Gateway, August 25, 1906

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