Exploring the Stylebook for Alaska

This week’s post focuses on the Associated Press Stylebook for Alaska. First thing’s first: some readers might be wondering what a stylebook is. Essentially, a stylebook is a writing manual used primarily by journalists that focuses on grammar, proper nouns, and parts of speech, among its contents. For instance, journalists rely on the Associated PressContinue reading “Exploring the Stylebook for Alaska”

Missionary Schools in Alaska and the Legacy of Child Separation

In light of recent events at the U.S.-Mexico border regarding separating infants and children from parents, the legacy of missionaries separating Indigenous children from their families is more relevant than ever. Viewing children from Native tribes as an affront to “Christian values” and as needing to be saved, missionaries throughout Alaska tore families apart andContinue reading “Missionary Schools in Alaska and the Legacy of Child Separation”

Newsprint as a Preservation Priority

Greetings, all! The nature of newsprint preservation is a race against time. Like nearly all historic documents, decay is inevitable, but with newsprint, that threat comes faster. Why is this? The answer comes in the way in which it is processed. Inherent Vice Not just the title of a Thomas Pynchon novel, the term “inherentContinue reading “Newsprint as a Preservation Priority”

Microfilm Quality Control: Or, What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

Greetings, all! Last week, we provided an update on the re-filming the Nome Nugget. To delve a bit deeper in the topic, I’d like to share some background on the process of filming newspaper- specifically, what we look for in controlling the quality of newspaper images. Human Error When looking through microfilm, an occasional, unexpectedContinue reading “Microfilm Quality Control: Or, What Can Possibly Go Wrong?”

Re-Filming the Nome Nugget

Greetings, all! Even though production has ended on the 2016-2018 National Digital Newspaper Program cycle, we are still hard at work. One particular area of focus is on the venerable Nome Nugget, the oldest continually published newspaper in Alaska. Our Micrographics department is busy re-filming bound volumes of the Nome Nugget from 1911-1924 to include onContinue reading “Re-Filming the Nome Nugget”