Berry Picking in Southeast Alaska

It’s berry picking season here in Southeast Alaska. Right now, blueberries, salmonberries, wild strawberries, thimbleberries, currants, and huckleberries are in abundance along creeks, roadsides, and mountain shrubs. Articles from historic Alaska newspapers chronicled the status of wild berries. Without the modern convenience of the Internet, or even comprehensive berry guides, people turned to newspapers andContinue reading “Berry Picking in Southeast Alaska”

Update: 4 New Alaska Newspapers Available to View on Chronicling America!

Greetings all, Exciting news! As of this week, Chronicling America has made available 4 new Alaska newspapers, available here: These include: –The Cordova daily times: October 1, 1920 – April 14, 1923 –The Alaska citizen: April 9, 1910 – October 1, 1917 –The Weekly Alaska citizen: October 8, 1917 – December 31, 1917 –TheContinue reading “Update: 4 New Alaska Newspapers Available to View on Chronicling America!”

“Eight Stars of Gold on a Field of Blue”: Alaska Flag Day

July 9th marked the 91st anniversary of the adoption of the Alaska flag. Featuring Ursa Major, or the big dipper, and Polaris, or the North Star, it stands apart as an iconic, minimalist symbol of the state as a whole. In its beautiful simplicity, it represents Alaska in a visual way that has been embracedContinue reading ““Eight Stars of Gold on a Field of Blue”: Alaska Flag Day”

#MuseumFireworksShow: Happy Independence Day!

    Happy Independence Day! We’re participating in #MuseumFireworksShow with fireworks photos from Alaska’s digital archives, and a handful of historical news items. While the famous “Midnight Sun” might not be everywhere in Alaska, the prolonged daylight makes fireworks difficult to display. As a result, many cities and towns are set off their fireworks showsContinue reading “#MuseumFireworksShow: Happy Independence Day!”