Labor Day Holiday Weekend

  This long weekend commemorates Labor Day, a tribute to the hardworking individuals whose efforts created the American labor movement through trade unions. Were it not for labor unions, workers would not have weekends free or the right to collectively bargain. September 5, 1882 marked the inaugural Labor Day, formed by the Central Labor UnionContinue reading “Labor Day Holiday Weekend”

Mosquito Season

Mosquitoes occupy a special place in the landscape of Alaska. According to a survey from 1961, Alaska is home to approximately 35 individual species of mosquitoes. Their large numbers lend them the label as the unofficial state bird. In fact, the largest North American species of mosquito, the Snow Mosquito, calls Alaska home. In theseContinue reading “Mosquito Season”

Additional New Titles on Chronicling America

Greetings all, As the Library of Congress continues to process newspaper batches, more new Alaska newspaper titles are appearing each week on Chronicling America. This past week, 427 issues of theĀ Iditarod Pioneer and 1 issue of the Daily Prospector Bulletin became available to read. Stay tuned for more Alaska newspaper titles posted!

Project Update: Funding Approved!

Hello all, Exciting news on the project front: a representative from the National Endowment for the Humanities contacted the Alaska State Library to notify us that we have been approved for an additional funding cycle from 2018 through 2020. This means that we can continue to produce content for Chronicling America and make historic AlaskaContinue reading “Project Update: Funding Approved!”