New Title on Chronicling America: Seward gateway daily edition and the Alaska weekly post

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This week, Chronicling America updated their list of Alaska newspaper titles and added one more: The Seward gateway daily edition and the Alaska weekly post

Seward Gateway 1

Throughout its publication, the Seward gateway changed title and frequency, offering both daily and weekly issues. For this paper, we had access to one issue of the Seward gateway daily edition and the Alaska weekly post, which is treated as its own newspaper title. Although only a single issue, this paper can shed light on what life was like January 24, 1918 in Seward- and the rest of the world.

Because today is Election Day, one article in this issue highlighted voter registration in Alaska, then still a territory. Alaska voters could cast their ballots for local politicians and territorial representatives, and for state-wide initiatives. Not until Alaska became a state in 1959 could its citizens participate in national elections.

Citizens Can Register for Next Election: Registration Books Are Now Open At Seward Drug Co.- Councilmen and Other Officers Will Be Elected First of April; Seward citizens can now register for the spring election to be held for city officials on the first Tuesday in April. The registration book is opened at the Seward Drug Co., where City Clerk Pochlman can be found. Registration will close on March 30th but the book is opened early in order to save the rush as the last days. To register for the city election one must have been in the territory for one year and in Seward for six months prior to the election date. At the next election three councilmen will be chosen mayor, treasurer, city clerk and city attorney. The retiring councilmen are Messrs. Sexton, Sauers and Dubreil. So far little has been started in the way of politics and no announcements have been made from prospective candidates.
Image credit: The Seward gateway daily edition, and the Alaska weekly post. (Seward, Alaska), 24 Jan. 1918. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress. <>

Unlike current voting registration in Alaska, in which one need only demonstrate residency through a government-issued photo identification, Alaska residents had to have lived in the territory for one year, and in Seward itself for at least six months before the election.

If you are registered to vote today, November 6, please exercise your right to vote in the midterm election and make your voice heard!



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