Groundhog Day

February 2 marks Groundhog Day. While a relatively small population of groundhogs or woodchucks live in the Interior of Alaska, their relative the marmot is a more common resident. Alaska marmots (Marmota broweri), hoary marmots (Marmota caligata), and woodchucks/groundhogs (Marmota monax) all belong to the squirrel family. Alaska sees its fair share of hoary marmotsContinue reading “Groundhog Day”

The Frozen North: Winter Weather in Alaska

Alaska is known for its cold weather winters- infamous, even! While southeast Alaska endures cold, rainy winters, the Interior generally drops temperatures into the minus Fahrenheit range. Additionally, due to its northern longitude, wintertime in Alaska means very little daylight. Sunlight hours can range anywhere between 7-4 per day in the winter months, and inContinue reading “The Frozen North: Winter Weather in Alaska”

Black, White, and Read All Over: News Wire Access in Alaska

One quirk of the Alaska Digital Newspaper Project is the prevalence of news coverage from all over the world. One would think that the remoteness of Alaska would make it difficult to receive news coverage from all over the state, much less the rest of the Lower 48. Instead, world news dominates the headlines ofContinue reading “Black, White, and Read All Over: News Wire Access in Alaska”

Lights, Camera, Action! Moviemaking in Alaska Historical Newspapers

Greetings, all! With the plummeting temperatures and snow showers here in southeast Alaska, it’s that time of year to stay indoors, get warm, and watch movies. Millions of people around the world have only seen Alaska through movies. In its earliest days, silent films such as the groundbreaking 1922 documentary¬†Nanook of the North¬†and Charlie Chaplin’sContinue reading “Lights, Camera, Action! Moviemaking in Alaska Historical Newspapers”