New titles online!

Good News Everyone!

Two new batches of data from the Alaska Digital Newspaper Project are now online at

Our batches, arcticfox and iceworm, contain over 5000 newspaper issues from the following titles:

Fort Wrangel News (1898-1898)

Stikeen River Journal (1898-1899)

Alaska Sentinel (1902-1909)

The Wrangell Sentinel (1909-1956)

The Nome Daily Nugget (1906-1914)

The Nome Nugget Mining Edition (1906,1908)

The Nome Nugget (1900-1904,1925)

Nome Weekly Nugget (1909,1913)

The Nome Semi-Weekly Nugget (1904-1905)

The Nome Tri-Weekly Nugget (1905-1907)

The Seward Gateway (1921-1923)

The Seward Daily Gateway (1923)

Mining-Dredging Edition Nome Daily Nugget (1910-1916)

The Nome Daily Gold Digger (1906-1909)

Nome Gold Digger (1903,1905)

Tri-Weekly Nome Industrial Worker (1918)

We’re super excited to add this content, over 21,000 newspaper pages, to ChroniclingAmerica and will continue to update this blog with notifications of our progress as well as when new material is uploaded online.

Happy Holidays


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