Old titles and new batches

Our New Years resolution to bring you more Alaskan newspapers is going swimmingly so far as our latest batch, Halibut, has been uploaded to ChroniclingAmerica. You can view this batch online here or see all of the titles we have uploaded here! As always, our website provides a geographic breakdown of the different titles that we have online and what titles we have planned for the future.

Let’s dig into the details of our newest batch a bit!

Halibut contains expansions of several titles…

The Daily Alaska Empire (Juneau, 1927-1928)

The Kodiak Mirror (Kodiak, 1948-1950)

The Nome Nugget (Nome, 1929-1932, 1938-1942)

As well as several new titles

The Daily Progressive Miner (Ketchikan, 1916-1919)

The Ketchikan Miner (Ketchikan, 1907-1914)

This batch also contains several iterations of the Nome Nugget from 1934, including the Federal Emergency Relief Administration Bulletin – published after a terrible fire devastated the city.

All told that’s over 2000 issues of historic Alaskan newspapers that are now available online, and there’s still plenty more to come!


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