More Alaskan newspapers online!

If you’re a fan of old Alaskan newspapers then we have good news for you: two more batches of newspapers have been uploaded to the Library of Congress’ website, Chronicling America!

These two new batches, named bow head whale and killer whale, contain over 22,000 newspaper pages across more than 2500 issues. These issues come to us from a variety of newspapers. While bow head whale expands on our coverage of the Daily Alaska Empire (bringing us up to the end of 1932), the killer whale batch features several new titles that have not had any issues uploaded before. These new titles include the following:

Moose Pass Miner (Moose Pass, Alaska) 1939-1942

Yukon Valley News (Rampart and Tanana, Alaska) 1904-1907, 1909, 1910-1913

Alaska Fisherman (Juneau, Ketchikan, and Petersburg, Alaska) 1923-1932

The Socialist Press (Fairbanks, Alaska) 1914-1915

Fairbanks Herald (Fairbanks, Alaska) 1915

The News Letter (Kodiak, Alaska) 1907-1922

Killer whale also expands on our coverage of several other titles:

The Kodiak Mirror (Kodiak, Alaska) 1940-1951

The Nome Nugget and The Nome Tri-Weekly Nugget (Nome, Alaska) 1919-1924

Anchorage Daily Times and Cook Inlet Pioneer (Anchorage, Alaska) 1916-1917

The Orphanage News Letter (Kodiak, Alaska). 1903-1907

To view all of our titles on Chronicling America go to or visit our website for a breakdown of newspapers by region


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