More Alaskan Newspapers!


Good News Everyone!

Since our last update post on March 21st we have added over 40,000 pages of Alaskan newspapers to! These pages contain over 6000 issues from 34 newspaper titles over a period of more than 50 years of Alaska’s history.

Here’s the breakdown of our newest uploads:

The “J” Bird, 1932 – 1936
Looking for a student newspaper from Juneau? The “J” Bird is Juneau Douglas High School’s student newspaper that has been running on and off for nearly 100 years

The Daily Alaska Empire, 1933 – 1936

Photo of architect's drawing for the new Alaska Electric Light and Power Company building in Juneau

Nome Industrial Worker, 1908 – 1910
The Daily Nome Industrial Worker, 1913 – 1918
Tri-Weekly Nome Industrial Worker, 1918 – 1918
Weekly Nome Industrial Worker, 1918 – 1919
The official publication of the Nome branch of the International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers

The Avalanch, 1916 – 1917

The Copper Bee, 1916 – 1916
The only paper in Alaska you could buy for “two bits or one prime musk rat skin”

The Gleam, 1916 – 1916
The Gleam was a progressive Juneau weekly created by Helen McEvoy that focused on local politics. It supported James Wickersham for territorial governor and took strong stands on education and rights for women.

Northern Light, 1913 – 1917
A monthly publication from the Unalakleet Native School

Matanuska Valley Pioneer, 1935 – 1936
This newspaper gives a first hand account from the Matanuska Valley Colony during the early days of its inception!

The Kennecott Star, 1937 – 1938
Published by students at the Blackburn School in Kennecott until the school closed

The Frontiersman (Seldovia), 1946 – 1947
Valley Frontiersman, 1947 – 1949
The Frontiersman (Palmer), 1953 – 1958, 1962 – 1962
Started by Viola Daniels first in Seldovia and then in Palmer where it stayed until 1986 when it moved to Wasilla where it’s still published from today!

Photo of Palmer residents helping a young moose out of a grave he had fallen into

The McCarthy Weekly News, 1917 – 1919

Hyder Alaska Miner, 1919 – 1923
Hyder Weekly Miner, 1923 – 1924
Hyder Weekly Herald, 1924 – 1934

Photos of early Hyder

The Alaskan, 1926 – 1932
The Alaskan was an Alaska Native Brotherhood publication put together by Louis Paul with support from his brother William Paul that advocated for Native Alaskans and their rights!

Hot Springs Post, 1908 – 1909

The Adak Daily Sun, 1953 – 1953
The Adak Sun, 1956 – 1956, 1958 – 1963
The Adak Daily Sun and Adak Sun were papers from the military base at Adak that document the activities and lives of the people stationed there. Ever wanted to see a menu from a military base in the 50s? If so then you’re in luck!

Seward Seaport Record, 1948 – 1955
The successor paper to the Seward Polaris, notable events covered include the 1953 basketball game between Seward, Alaska and Seward, Nebraska, and the annual Seward Mount Marathon race!

Photo of Mount Marathon in Seward with headline "Setting for Seward's Famous Marathon Race"

The Valley Settler, 1937 – 1952
A publication of the Matanuska Valley Farmer’s Cooperating Association that reported on happenings around town and provided information on the farm and dairy work happening in the Matanuska Valley Colony

Jessen’s Weekly, 1956 – 1956, 1962 – 1962

Homer News, 1950 – 1950, 1954 – 1955

The Alaska Sourdough, 1911 – 1911

Photo of people posing in the snow with caption "MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS ON THEIR WAY TO SUMMIT OF MOUNT ROBERTS"

Ghost Town Gazette, 1956 – 1958
This acerbic little paper was published out of Chitina and was notable for its ghost drawings on issues and guest editorials from the aptly named “Old Cynic”

Copper River Current, 1962 – 1963

Daily Sitka Sentinel and the Arrowhead Press, 1955 – 1955

The Kenai Peninsula Pioneer, 1955 – 1956

The Seward Polaris & Kenai Peninsula-Aleutian Chain News, 1948 – 1948

Baranof Banner, 1958 – 1958


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