Nome Nugget Digitization: Update

Hello friends, Do you ever feel like sometimes things sometimes just don’t go right? Or that they take much longer than they should, and it’s a process of one step forward and two steps back? The ongoing re-shooting of the bound volumes of the Nome Nugget on the Bookeye scanner sure feels that way. JustContinue reading “Nome Nugget Digitization: Update”

Project Update: Funding Approved!

Hello all, Exciting news on the project front: a representative from the National Endowment for the Humanities contacted the Alaska State Library to notify us that we have been approved for an additional funding cycle from 2018 through 2020. This means that we can continue to produce content for Chronicling America and make historic AlaskaContinue reading “Project Update: Funding Approved!”

Update: 4 New Alaska Newspapers Available to View on Chronicling America!

Greetings all, Exciting news! As of this week, Chronicling America has made available 4 new Alaska newspapers, available here: These include: –The Cordova daily times: October 1, 1920 – April 14, 1923 –The Alaska citizen: April 9, 1910 – October 1, 1917 –The Weekly Alaska citizen: October 8, 1917 – December 31, 1917 –TheContinue reading “Update: 4 New Alaska Newspapers Available to View on Chronicling America!”

Microfilm Quality Control: Or, What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

Greetings, all! Last week, we provided an update on the re-filming the Nome Nugget. To delve a bit deeper in the topic, I’d like to share some background on the process of filming newspaper- specifically, what we look for in controlling the quality of newspaper images. Human Error When looking through microfilm, an occasional, unexpectedContinue reading “Microfilm Quality Control: Or, What Can Possibly Go Wrong?”

Re-Filming the Nome Nugget

Greetings, all! Even though production has ended on the 2016-2018 National Digital Newspaper Program cycle, we are still hard at work. One particular area of focus is on┬áthe venerable Nome Nugget, the oldest continually published newspaper in Alaska. Our Micrographics department is busy re-filming bound volumes of the Nome Nugget from 1911-1924 to include onContinue reading “Re-Filming the Nome Nugget”

What is the National Digital Newspaper Program?

Part I
There are two main principles behind the National Digital Newspaper Program which are also cornerstones of library and archival science, ACCESS and PRESERVATION.