Opening Statements: The Daily Alaskan

The Opening Statement series features the foreword or introduction given by  editors or publishers in the first issue of the paper addressing its readers. 


The Morning Alaskan, February 1, 1898, Vol. 1, No. 1

Editor: O.W. Dunbar

“With this issue THE MORNING ALASKAN makes its debut before the citizens of Skaguay and the countless hordes of people who eagerly await any news pertaining to this city and the country beyond. But a few days a resident of Skaguay, and that time busily occupied, I have been unable to make the acquaintance of as many of the citizens as I would have wished, but through the MORNING ALASKAN I hope to become personally acquainted with all.  THE MORNING ALASKAN shall always be maintained as a bright, newsy sheet, with the interests of Skaguay and its enterprising citizens always uppermost in the editor’s mind.

O.W. Dunbar”


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